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Santa Rosa Chimney Cleaning

Happy Spring!

Extended until June 30th!

This has certainly been a long winter, a long winter of warming your home with wood!

Our stoves have had a real workout this year, and I hope yours has done it's job to keep you warm and cozy.

Now it's time to take care of your hardworking chimney.

One of the many reasons we choose wood to heat our homes is to save money and  right now you can save a little more! 

From now until June 30th, we'll take $30 off your chimney cleaning and inspection!

Don't put it off any longer, this special is meant for you early birds, and when we get busy, your costs will go up. 

(just mention our spring cleaning when you schedule)

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The two greatest risks you face are chimney fires from creosote build up, and smoke inhalation (carbon monoxide poisoning) from a blocked chimney cap. 

Both can be prevented by a professional, and it's not just removing the creosote, it's just as important to inspect your system for deficiencies and defects.

We're often asked "what could happen if I don't get my chimney cleaned"? 

Hopefully nothing bad, but realistically, a chimney fire can start. Avoiding routine maintenance puts your home and family at risk. Don't take that chance!


Chimney Cleaning

Your soot buildup, in volume and consistency, will tell us a lot about your system. After a thorough cleaning and inspection, we'll be prepared offer you advice on any changes in operation you can make to keep your system's performance at it's optimum level.

Burning wood products for heating is the best, but it has to be done right!

To schedule your cleaning and inspection, just give us a call and mention this special!


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