High-efficiency wood stoves and fuel
Chimney and stove cleaning, installation, and maintenance


We offer only the finest quality, high efficiency, eco-friendly stoves, and inserts from two well-respected U.S. manufacturers.


In addition, we provide our customers with environmentally sound wood fuel products from

Blaze King Wood Stoves     Kuma Wood Stoves  

Blaze King Wood Stoves     Kuma Wood Stoves  

We're All Fired Up

For your fuel needs.
For your stove and chimney cleaning, maintenance and repair.
And, for your new wood stove purchase and installation.

We're All Fired Up about providing for all your needs for fine wood
burning stoves and chimney systems.

Wood Stoves Santa Rosa

Is it time to replace your older
inefficient stove?

We offer the finely engineered, and ecologically friendly
wood stoves from Blaze King and Kuma. Both are manufactured in the U.S.

We have several models to show you in our showroom
and will order any model your prefer directly from our distributor.

We can provide you professional installation with over
30 years of experience by our licensed contractor.

Blaze King Wood Stoves Santa Rosa
North Idaho Energy Logs

Are you wanting to step up your game in saving our environment?

Reduce your emissions by as much as 93.5% 

By changing your fuel source to North Idaho Energy Logs and Pellets, from cut trees you'll not only reduce emmisions, but you'll reduce the damage to our forests.


1 Pallet of ENERGY LOGS has the heating capacity of up to 1.5 to 2 CORDS of cut trees

You'll also only need about 1/4 of the  storage space for
the equivalent energy logs as cord of cut trees

(with no bugs, dirt or bark to contend with)

Are you properly maintaining your
Stove and Chimney?

According to the latest statistics available, there are
over 25,000 
chimney fires each year in the U.S.
They cause over 
125 million dollars in property damage.

Were you also aware that a worn or damaged hopper lid seal on
your pellet stove can cause a hopper fire inside your home?

Routine cleaning and inspection prevents disastors.

We can help...

With a passion for Wood Heating Systems since 1977

Jim Lerum - Cont. Lic #519753