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Renewable Wood Fuel

Our Founder, Jim Lerum, has had a Passion For Wood Heating systems since 1977.

Though he believes in the ecological value and efficiency of Highly Densified Wood Products, he also advocates proper forest management.

He's been "horse logging" tree groves for years. Horse logging is when the felled and cut tree is drawn from the grove with a team of horses. This lessens the impact on the land in and aroud the grove. 

( Jim believes strongly in protecting the environment)

As an avid horseman, horse breeder and team driver, it has worked out nicely for him to add this dimension to his profession.


Santa Rosa Wood Stove Installer

Jim was also involved in search and rescue for over 20 years.

He served as a FEMA handler with his dog Colter. Though he's retired from Search and rescue, Jim still assists others with determining the suitability of candidates of becoming working dogs.

In Jim's words...

I was just a kid, only 18, impressionable as all 18 year olds are. The oil embargo was recent and in everyone's minds. Mine too.

I was looking for something to do with my life that would make a difference. Then, I saw a bumper sticker that said "split wood not atoms". It was like an epiphany for me.

Wood fueled heat was better than any alternative in my mind and I was ready to spend time promoting and supporting it.

Little did I know this was a career choice...

It was, and I'm still at it. I even got my contractor's license so I could install stoves.

I've been around through the dark times when the EPA shut down and bankrupted much of the industry. Back then anything could spew out of your chimney.

The changes that came were amazing! We dropped from as much as 60 grams (over 2 ounces!) of particulate (measured 10 microns or less) down to 7.5 (soon to be 4.2) grams. I offer stoves with emmisions less than 1 gram per hour!

At the same time responsible stove producers have increased the heating efficiency! More heat, less smoke - That's the new bumper sticker I want to see!

Let me show you how to leave fossil fuels behind and become CARBON NEUTRAL with natural, renewable WOOD heat!

If you already heat with wood, I can help you burn cleaner and safer!



With a passion for Wood Heating Systems since 1977

Jim Lerum - Cont. Lic #519753